Cities To See In 2016

2016 can be a year of travel and adventure if you make it so. Here are few locales to consider adding to your itinerary when traversing the globe this year:

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Kotor, Montenegro

Surrounded on all sides by picturesque mountains and breathtaking scenery, Kotor is an ideal location for those looking for a getaway in a Mediterranean village full of character, history, and striking visuals. Beyond its historical walls is the Bay of Kotor, which surrounded by mountain scapes, looks as close to a Scandinavian fjord as you will get in the southern European countries.

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Quito, Ecuador

This city has not garnered much acclaim as of late, but with its rich history and climbing economic growth, Quito has had the opportunity to develop as a country while maintaining much of its historical appeal, dating back to the 1600s. Some may think that the prime years of Quito are behind us. However, with an influx of oil money being funneled into the country, it’s very possible that the best years of Quito are yet to come.

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Dublin, Ireland

Disregarding its past, sorted history, Dublin has become a truly cosmopolitan city with a current increase in culture, people, and sights to see and experienced like nothing you’ve ever seen from Dublin before. Interestingly, over 40% of the population is under 30, making it a great destination to see new and fun art, music, and youth culture in a vivacious, richly historical setting.

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George Town, Malaysia

There are no other cities that incorporate the old and the new like George Town does. The increasingly growing and prospering youth and art scenes and interestingly juxtaposed with the city’s historical Unesco World Heritage-listed streetscape. Art, film, and streetstyle have merged with the local culture and history of George Town, making it one of the most sought-after vacation spots o 2016.