Important Facts About The Pregnant Body

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You’ll hear lots of talk about how parenthood will change you. It’ll make you more patient, expand your capacity for love, change your life perspective. All that may be true, as childbirth is a massive moment in anyone’s life, but there are physical changes as well. A pregnant body is working extremely hard and growing another human requires the body to adapt and change through the pregnancy. Let’s take a look at some of the ways your body will change when you are with child.


Pregnancy means that your body will be a veritable cocktail of hormones. Your body will be flush delivering necessities to the baby and you’ll notice some effects to your outward appearance. Most noticeable are the changes to your hair. Hair contains estrogen receptors. As a result of the changes in hormone levels, you’ll see your hair appearing thicker and more glossy. The thickness comes from a decrease in the amount of hair you lose normally. Be aware that after your pregnancy your will return to normal, but it may feel like your hair is falling out faster than ever before — it’s totally normal.

Another way that hormone levels will effect your body can be measured in your bones. Increased amounts of estrogen and relaxin will cause the ligaments in your body to relax. This effect is necessary for childbirth, but before that you may notice more pain in your muscles and joints, especially your lower back. Additional, more relaxin will allow your cartilage and ligaments to stretch more. You may feel some additional mobility as a result.

Super Senses

The changes in food tastes are well documented. Many women report hating a previously beloved food while pregnant and vice versa. The changes in your ability to taste are intrinsically tied to your ability to smell. As a result, you may notice a very heightened  nose during your pregnancy. Be careful though because certain smells may cause you to feel physically ill.

The list of ways your body changes during pregnancy is long. There is one clear way that your body changes — a little human is growing inside of you. But work closely with your OBGYN and GP to monitor the rest of the ways you change — your body and baby will thank you.

The Tragically Hip Bids Farewell

Decades before superstar artists like Justin Bieber or Drake defined what music from Canada was, that mantle was firmly placed on the Tragically Hip, also known simply as the Hip. The Hip is a rock and roll band, featuring guitar heavy riffs, croaky vocals, and poetic lyrics. Despite never having any lasting crossover success in the States or further abroad, the Hip have been a massively popular band to Canadians.

Like so many other rock and roll groups, the Hip began in the 1980s when Gord Downie recruited four high school friends to begin making tunes. Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, a small city about 250 kilometres east of Toronto, the band starting touring bars and other small venues in their area. The Hip generated fans and buzz quickly, and by 1987 they had a record deal with MCA and dropped their self-titled debut album. What followed was 30 years of consistent releases and tours, resulting in nine No. 1 albums, and over 8 million records sold. The Tragically Hip are the kind of band that really spoke to people. Their music was devoid of the types of frivolities of typical pop music. The lyrics, driven by Downie’s undeniable star power, often went after injustice big and small. Their music is always with meaning — nothing is for nothing’s sake. Downie has been called the ‘unofficial poet laureate’ of Canada for his massive contributions to the arts.

In May of this year, Downie announced that the brain cancer he has been battling and underwent surgery for was terminal. The news devastated fans, fearing that they wouldn’t get the chance to say goodbye properly to the group that has been the voice of a generation of Canadians. To the massive relief of Canadian’s all over the country, after consulting with his oncologist, Downie stated that he would join his bandmates for their summer tour.

The final night of that tour happened on August 20th in their hometown of Kingston. The Rogers K-Rock Centre sold out almost immediately and so 5,700 fans, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, revelled in what will likely be the band’s last performance. People held watching parties all over Canada and abroad, including one for Olympians in Rio. The Toronto Police released the following tweet:


The night was truly a celebration of Canada’s most beloved bands. The Hip played for three hours, regaling the crowd with favourite after favourite. The celebrations were of course underpinned by a sadness, but the night will surely live on as one of the most momentous and unifying in recent memory.


Most Awe-Inspiring Places in Canada: Partie Un

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Canada is a land filled with beautiful landscapes, picturesque cities, and truly divine sceneries. However, because there are so many places of majesty and beauty in Canada, it may be easy to overlook some of the country’s most important landmarks. Below is a shortlist of some of Canada’s most important landmarks to visit next time you’re traveling through the Great White North.

Quebec City – Old Quebec

One of the oldest, and only walled cities in North America, Quebec City carries with it an air of European charm in a cool North American locale. When walking through Quebec City, you will unmistakably feel the city’s French Canadian character. It is home to the iconic Chateau Frontenac, which towers above the city. Old or Vieux Quebec is home to much of the old French colonial architecture the city is largely famous for. This sector of the city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985.

Toronto – Waterfront, CN Tower; Ontario

Of course Canada’s most iconic city is also its most populous holding more than 2.6 million within its city limits. Toronto is truly a cosmopolitan city, with neighborhoods filled with people from across the globe. When in Toronto, you’ll want to visit the city’s Waterfront which is changing face almost on a yearly basis. Also, visit Toronto’s CN Tower, a landmark in the city that stands an imposing 1800 feet tall – the world’s seventh largest structure.

Rideau Canal

Pass through the Rideau Canal which acts as a walk-through park in the summer months, displaying wonderful gardens and pleasure boat-riding. If you visit in the winter, the canal is turned into the world’s second largest ice skateway, free for all to ice skate along its almost 8 kilometer stretch. The Canal connects Canada’s capital city Ottawa, with Kingston Ontario on the banks of Lake Ontario. Like Old Quebec City, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls refers to three different waterfalls that are located between the United States and Canadian borders. The great waterfalls are just an hour away from Toronto, and can be seen best on the Canadian side of the border. It has become one of the top tourist attractions in both America and Canada.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, British Columbia

Drawing over 800 thousand visitors every year, the 137-meter long Capilano Suspension Bridge in Northern Vancouver is one of the city’s top tourist attractions. The bridge is located in Northern Vancouver’s various nature trails, providing tourists with a unique rainforest canopy walk. Amazingly, the bridge was first built in 1889, but since then has undergone various reconstructions.

Canadian Rocky Air Sells Out In China

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As the smog increases in China, bottles of Canadian Rocky air are flying off the shelves.

Earlier this December, for the first time in history, Beijing issued a red alert for smog, and Canadian Rocky air is selling out. Vitality Air, a company in the business of bottling and reselling air from Banff, Alberta and Lake Louis in Banff National Park, has already sold out of it’s first shipment in China. Each canister of Vitality Air comes with an attached face mask the user can breathe through.

According to the Vitality Air website, their intention is as follows: “We want our customers to experience breathing the way it was intended. Free of city pollution, fragrances and waste; our Banff and Lake Louise lines of clean air are unmatchable in quality.”

While China is Vitality Air’s biggest market, the company also sells bottles of oxygen and fresh air in the Middle East, India, and North America.

The company obviously has a great marketing team because Vitality Air is now offering mini bottles of fresh air and suggesting they be purchased as unique stocking stuffers this holiday season.

The cofounders of Vitality Air started their business as a joke back in 2014. Originally, as a gag, Moses Lam and Troy Paquette sold plastic bags filled with air on eBay, for as little as $.50 per bag. They knew their prank was turning into a serious situation when one of these bags of air was sold for $160. Paquette and Lam knew there was a market and demand out there they needed to tap in to.

The pollution in China had actually improved in the first three quarters of the year. However, smog can be seen from space over China. Beijing was forced to terminate outdoor activities in schools for a time and close some roads due to decreased visibility.

Is this perhaps the most economical and important prank in history?

The Best Travel Photographers Of 2015

Photography has become so mainstream, anyone with an iPhone can take amazing pictures with little-to-no formal training. Thankfully, The Guardian has rounded up the best Travel Photographers of the 2015 and I’ve gathered them here as because their work deserves to be shared and seen and praised. Marsel van Oosten oluleke badmos

#1, The Winner, Best Travel Photographer of the Year: Marsel van Oosten.

The above photograph is of Cypress trees in a bayou of the Atchafalaya basin in Louisiana. On a misty morning in the United State’s largest wetland, this photo exudes opulence, and is composed almost as perfectly as the light shins through the trees. Oosten is a professional nature photographer from the Netherlands; he often contributes to National Geographic. Chase Guttman oluleke badmos

Young Travel Photographer of the Year: Chase Guttman

Guttman’s photograph shows a Basuto tribal leader and local shepherds in Semonkong, Lesotho. This young professional has been winning photography awards for year. First, back in 2010 when he was recognized in the 14-and-under group, then again in 2-12 winning the Emerging Talent award, and again this year at age 18. Timothy Allen oluleke badmos

Runner-up, people and culture portfolio: Timothy Allen

This stunning photograph depicts the Kazakh wedding season in the Altai mountains in Central Asia. A British photographer, Allen is known best for his coverage of indigenous people.

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Honorable Mention, One Shot, a moment in light category: Cai Zhiping

Unimaginable colors and horses spilling over the rolling grassland hills of Inner Mongolia, China.

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Honorable Mention, One Shot, colours of the world category: Maria de la Guardia

Afghan women holding jars of pickled vegetables that they harvested at their new training center in Fayzabad, Badakhshan.

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Honorable Mention, best single image in a portfolio, faces, people, encounters: Rafal Ziejewski

Young Dassanech girl from Omorate, Ethiopia.

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Honorable Mention: One Shot, a moment in light category: Gunar Streu

At the Dundret nature reserve in the Swedish Lapland, a cabin is covered in hoarfrost with the northern lights in the distance.